If you’ve found your way over to Words at Work, we’re still in the construction phase. I apologize for the spartan accoutrements, but content is on the way.

For nearly three years, I’ve been blogging at Words Matter, writing about a variety of subjects–sports, politics, popular culture, life in Maine–pretty much whatever struck my fancy at the time. Posting three to five times per week helped me to become comfortable in the 800-1200 word realm–too comfortable, perhaps.

I see Words at Work as a way to stretch out and push the limits a bit. My plans are to do some longer, in-depth, narrative-driven stories about people and places that catch my eye and align with my interests.

I have some definite ideas of what I’d like to be doing. My plans are to have my first full-length feature up in November. That should give me some time to do some research and get the process rolling. Prior to that, I may post some ancillary material associated with the full-length piece, as a way to whet appetites.

Please check back later.


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