RiverVision Press announces details about “Moxietown”

RiverVision Press will be releasing Moxietown, Jim Baumer’s follow-up to his first book, the award-winning When Towns Had Teams.

Moxietown is only the fourth book in the limited canon of books about Moxie, and the first significant release in over 20 years. Drawing upon Frank Potter’s contributions, The Moxie Mystique, as well as The Book of Moxie, and Q. David Bowers 700 page The Moxie Encyclopedia, Volume I, Baumer updates the Moxie story, and places it squarely in the small central Maine town of Lisbon Falls, where he grew up.

[The Moxie Man and I having fun during a recent photo shoot (GGoodman photo)]

[The author meets Frank Potter for the first time, Moxie Fest, 2004 (MBaumer photo)]

RiverVision will be releasing Moxietown at the 25th anniversary of the Moxie Festival, in Lisbon Falls, on Saturday, July 12th. This will be a limited, commemorative pressing of less than 500 books. Once the book is sold out, RiverVision has no plans to reprint this unique, local take on Moxie, by a Lisbon Falls native.

The book will feature the first condensed history of the drink (in less than 5,000 words), concisely capturing all the elements of Moxie’s nearly 125 year history, including the story of marketing genius, Frank Archer, the reason that we still have Moxie available today.

Additionally, Baumer details for the first time why Lisbon Falls has achieved Moxie prominence, and why over 20,000 people descend on the community every second weekend in July to celebrate all things Moxie.

RiverVision Press will be taking pre-orders for the book at the end of May, for those who want to ensure that they are able to acquire a copy. This can be done by visiting the RiverVision Press website, or via snail mail at RiverVision Press, P.O. Box 1136, Lewiston, Maine 04243-1136.

The 100 page book, with photos will be $8.95. Mail orders should include $4.00 to cover P/H.


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